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The Power of Womxn Leaders

Inspired by the theme of #EDD18 and the #SheIsWe campaign, we asked our community who their woman inspiration was, to give credit to those who forged a path for others and gave them the motivation to work towards their goals.

Here are their responses!


“My grandmother, Eno Ukpe, because she stood up for justice and her right to get an education! She was fearless, a phenomenal leader and a feminist!”

Grace Labeodan from the UK.

“Margaret Kenyatta, First Lady of Kenya and founder of Beyond Zero because of the work that they have been able to do: setting up 47 mobile clinics to allow access to maternal and child healthcare in marginalised communities” Lydia Moraa from Kenya

“Bozoma Saint John because she overcame the pressures put on women in society and the workplace. She is a women who brings her true self to work, her culture, personality, colourful outfits and has still managed to build a successful career from Apple to Uber by being true to herself and letting her work speak for itself” Lola Olaore the UK

“My grandmother Margaret Gay, a triply qualified nurse and educator with a heart of exponential gold, who raised me to be the leader I am today” Gabriella Gay from Barbados

“Oprah Winfrey, because she is a strong woman, a go getter who, despite what she has gone through, never gave up and fought to reach her dreams.” Fanny Bessem from Cameroon

“My mother, born in the UK and who travelled to and from Nigeria over her life, because I have seen her struggle in order to provide for me and my brothers. My hope is that I can repay her one day” Adeola Gbakinro from the UK

“Linda Ikeji, because she overcame the odds and persisted. She pushed past societal pressure and was able to succeed as her own woman and help others.” Claire Ngwa from the USA

“Rupi Kaur for being a voice for female empowerment & telling women that they are so much more than their looks. Her words have shown me the power of art to shape conversations & have inspired me to raise my own pen” Yandi Melody from Cameroon

“My mother, who came from nothing and rose to become a Head Teacher. She never let the circumstances of her birth stop her from pursuing her education or achieving her goals” Gakehmi Watcona Edith Tema from Cameroon

“Cristalina Fernandes, because she leads by example, is always positive & does all it takes to ensure all the students in her care flourish irrespective of their background.” Martha Da Costa-Sherwood from the UK

“My mother because, contrary to popular belief that the man should be the sole provider of the family, my mum believes women are the real providers. Emotionally and financially, she strives to provide as much as she can for her family” Marufat Bidemi from Nigeria

“Rakshanda Rukham, Leader at Women Techmakers Bangladesh, for inspiring me to pursue my goals to empower women in the technology sector” Asia Binta Amanat Sumi from Bangladesh


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