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Tech As A Tool for Transforming Education

We live in a world where our daily lives have been made easier, accessible and comfortable through technology. Today, we enjoy the benefits of using the internet to keep up with friends all around the world, preventive health care methodologies and e-learning, having access to resources and information from some of the best professors in the world, all within the comfort of your sitting room. Technology is an evident need in every Nation of the world today, as it promotes economic development and provides employment for the youths. Hence the need to actually see its deployment and utilization in every area of the world.

Particularly in the area of education, technology plays a huge role in transforming the minds of young people through a systematic and analytical approach. Young people are growing up in a digital society, where internet connectivity and digital devices are readily available and used in running most aspects of our basic lives. Statistics show that by 2020 we will have 7.3 billion devices, all connected with everything running on smart systems. We talk about the internet of things, self- driving cars, and smart grids for electricity, all made possible through the advancement in technology. One of my main areas of interest is how technology can be harnessed to improve the present quality of education, both in the classroom and at home. ICT can impact learning outcomes, reflecting on the ways students engage and interact with knowledge shared, as well as creating the opportunity to reach millions of people at once. With over 50% of the world's population not connected to the internet, and more than half of this number coming from developing countries, where internet connectivity remains inaccessible in many parts of this countries. The question remains how do we make the internet as cheap and accessible to all regardless of social economic or gender differences?

As individuals we should begin to ask ourselves, are we ready for the fourth industrial revolution? If so, how can we leverage on the opportunities this presents to us? How can the growing use of digital devices be enhanced and utilized in improving education, so we have the next generation fully prepared to handle this digital transformation and improve learning experience? How can countries use technology to enhance peace building and partnerships? I have come across many young children in my country Nigeria, who have the potential to be innovative thinkers, entrepreneurs and possibly the next Einstein of their generation. Yet, many of them are yet to fully discover this due to the existing remote and theoretical method of learning. I cannot over emphasize the importance of having students practically experiment and understand what they are being taught in the classroom. Using existing technologies like the Microsoft Imagine Academy, students can undergo online excursions with research institutions, collaborate with peers all around the world, and learn 21st century technology skills which are essential in today's digital age, just as it has been estimated that over 6million jobs will IT skills by the year 2022.

Using technology, women who are culturally disadvantaged and prevented from learning can acquire certain education skills, increasing their knowledge and possible source of livelihood.. With women contributing more than 90% of their incomes to their families, it is important to create an opportunity for them to learn and practice technological related disciplines, reducing the gender gap and accessing job opportunities in the tech related sectors.

Internet access remains the center for core strategic, economic and development initiatives. Hence the need for investments and partnerships which can see to its efficient adoption in all areas of the world.

With more than 50% of the world population lacking internet access, development remains hindered in these areas. But regardless of our present disposition, the world will continue to evolve, advance and metamorphose technologically, leaving behind all who fail to correspond and adapt to its evolution.


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