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Dear Young Leader

With one day left before the 2018 edition of the European Development Days, I asked the Young Leaders what advice they had for other young leaders or aspiring young changemakers who work to make a difference in the world.


Here is what they had to say:

"I tell the girls of Uganda every day: No one is going to hand you success, you must go out there and get it.”

Esther Nakajjigo, Women and Girls Migration

"Be bold and take risks. One of the advantages we have as youths is that we have enough time to make mistakes, learn from our mistakes and try again".

Phonsina Ebankoli, Adolescent Girls and the Girl Child

"Dear young leader, changing the world can be a long and lonely journey. Be sure to find allies and partners for change. Also, your work makes a BIG difference: Act like it does."

Olaoluwa Abagun, Women and Girls Human Rights

“Work persistently and pragmatically towards social change without losing enthusiasm- Remember it is a life-long activity not an overnight one.”

Shwetal Shah, Women and Girls in Digitalisation

“Don’t give up on your dreams, on the things you believe in and on changing the world! The opportunities exist and what counts the most is your willing to do thing differently.”

Lais Leao, Women and Girls in the Urban Space

“Impossible is what is be done by people with purpose.”

Ernesto Hernandez Otero, Gender Equality in Education

"Hustle hard and stay humble"

Salma Abdalla, Women and Girls and the Economy

“It is up to us as young leaders to partner and develop a more inclusive and proactive solutions to the problems of the world. The future of the world depends on what we do today, and we must rise up to be decision makers to make the world a better place.”

Dorcas Apoore, Women and Girls in the Economy

“I would say to young leaders: believe that your powers cannot be defeated until you decide to give up.

Keep working but have patience what seems today's dream will become tomorrow's reality.”

Bushra Dabbagh, Women and Girls in Emergencies

“When you do your part and I do mine, the world will become a better place. Keep holding leaders to account, fighting corruption, inequality and injustice - because you are not alone.”

Natalie Tingo, Gender Based Violence


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